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Dhamma Impressions Private Limited

धम्म अनुपश्यना : Mindfulness of Dharma

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Dhamma Impressions Private Limited

Projects and Activities:


 Farmer Field  School


The framework of the  Farmer Field  School is built on following main objectives:

  • Training and Technical Support;
  • Ecological Farming
  • Building local farming capacity;

  • Improving food security and livelihoods;

  • Raising awareness.



Shiva Ji maharaj Jayanti Mahotsav and Swaraj Samman Samaroh

Dhamma Ipressions is an event Partner of

 Shiva Ji maharaj Jayanti Mahotsav and Swaraj Samman Samaroh

19-Feb-2019, Kaimganj, Farrukhabad







altITinAg (इतिनाग)

ITinAg is an Internet of Things (IoT) enabled Information System for Agro-ecological Applications. Presently Dhamma Impressions is working on this project to support farmers with high tech IT systems for effective and efficient decision making at farm fields.


ANUBHUTI (अनुभूति )


A Collection of Poems in Hindi written by Dheerendra Singh Gangwar.


Poems in this collections are basically of Philosophical Nature and talks about various contemporary social issues.



Dhamma Impressions Private Limited is a company that strongly believe in sharing information for the transformation of the society through Value Based Education, Event Management, Print media and/or through Information and Communication Technologies. We strongly believe in the Ideology of Philanthropic Capitalism for the transformation of Society through Right Mindfulness.