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AnuFarm: Anupashyana Farming


Anupashyana Farming System (AnuFarm) promotes ecological farming practices for ensuring agroecological sustainability. It is an integrated approach to farming that combines Digital Agriculture Innovations, Ecological Farming, and Environmental Ethics. The major objective of this project is to introduce farmers with the basic concepts of sustainable farming. It promotes the use of digital technologies for measuring the economic and environmental performance of adopted farming practices and methods.


Digital Agriculture Service (DAS) platform AnuFarm is designed to support farmers in enhancing their operational efficiency. Main features of this IoT-enabled DAS platforms are as follows

  • Training and technical support for sustainable farming methods
  • Easily collect and manage the data from sensors, cloud services such as weather or maps, connected equipment, and existing information systems.
  • Quickly build and bring to market new innovative IoT application programs (apps).
  • Leverage big data and analytics to provide new insights and recommendations to help farmers in better decision-making.
  • Enable farmers to easily visualize data and take action on insights and recommendations.
  • Community education program for building local farming capacity
  • Enhancing connectivity of the farmers with knowledge, networks, and institutions.


Detailed real-time information about weather, soil, and crop growth helps farmers in improving the economic performance of their farming practices. Data-driven insights for crop growth and operational possibilities affect future profitability. Rather than simply relying on traditional habits digital platforms enhance access to input resources, finance, and market information.